I’m a 23 year old Melbournite who dabbles in a bit of professional writing and social media coordination whilst trying (desperately) to finish a Masters degree in Publishing and Communication. I never think before I speak, have chronic itchy feet (as a result of restlessness, not fungus) and would rather inhale food than air any day.

Pieces of Elyse marks my 7th attempt at starting a blog, and I’ve kicked the other six failures in the butt just by completing this About page. After a light bulb moment not so long ago, I realised that the others never felt quite right because I was always trying to fit into a mould that had already been cast. First I tested the waters as a baking blogger, and then made multiple attempts at trying to find my niche as a Melbourne food blogger. God knows I love food, but I need a little more to ignite the fire in my belly that would make me love my blog for more than five minutes.

It was my aforementioned itchy feet that inspired me to give this blogging thing another whirl, because whilst they carry me away from complacency and into the unknown, they also have a tendency not to pause long enough for me to appreciate where I am. So this is a blog about taking stock, about loving the ground that my feet stand on and finding the everyday moments that strike a nerve. Prepare yourself for a lot of food, but also strap yourself in for some bits and bobs on books, life, politics, travel and anything else that makes me stop and think. This time around I’m putting my big girl pants on and doing it my way, so let’s hope this time it sticks.


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